All campuses should adopt operational plans that address the following:


  • Monitoring and maintenance of air conditioning units in accordance with normal operating protocols.
  • Maintenance of improved natural ventilation in public indoor spaces where air conditioning is not utilized to the extent possible.

Residential hall and athletics events

Protocols in residential halls or athletics may vary, so please check with your residence hall or lead athletics staff if you have questions.

Student Services

  • Consistent with the university’s commitment to access, the services provided to students will be accessible to the greatest extent possible whether students are on campus or are studying remotely. Remote access to students should provide the same level of service as in-person offerings.
  • The University provides a digital platform (STAR Balance) that allows students to make appointments with staff, advisors, or faculty; similar platforms are also available on some University campuses. These platforms permit students to consult with University personnel without the need to be on campus. This capability should permit students who cannot come to campus to still access faculty office hours, tutoring services, academic advisors, financial aid offices, and other services.
  • Each campus shall develop plans to provide alternative ways for students who are learning remotely to participate in class or co-curricular activities.
  • Student services and activities conducted in person shall adhere to all applicable guidelines relating to masks.

Child Care Facilities

In addition to following UH guidelines, child care centers must adhere to licensing guidelines through the Department of Human Services.

Events, Gatherings, Meetings and Activities

  • Each campus shall develop procedures for requesting approval to hold non-educational, indoor events.
  • Event planning may include mitigation components based on the status of the pandemic or based on the risk of event participants developing severe illness from COVID-19 if they were to contract the virus, including:
    • Wearing indoor masks for large, crowded events or events where there are many attendees at high-risk for becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 (i.e., kupuna, immunocompromised)
    • If at all possible, eating or drinking occurs outside.
    • If eating or drinking occurs indoors, placing masks back on when not actively eating or drinking and providing space between participants as much as possible.

Last modified: August 12, 2022