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Student Housing

For more information on specific Student Housing protocols, refer to the UH Hilo COVID-19 Interim Guidelines and FAQs and UH Mānoa COVID-19 Interim Guidelines and Student Housing Information.

Food Service

Operations must adhere to the most current county or State guidelines.

Fitness Facilities and Classes

Operations must adhere to the most current county or State guidelines.

Student Services

  • Consistent with the university’s commitment to access, the services provided to students will be accessible to the greatest extent possible whether students are on campus or are studying remotely. Remote access to students should provide the same level of service as in-person offerings.
  • The university provides a digital platform (STAR Balance) that allows students to make appointments with staff, advisors, or faculty; similar platforms are also available on some University campuses. These platforms permit students to consult with University personnel without the need to be on campus. This capability should permit students who cannot come to campus to still access faculty office hours, tutoring services, advisors, financial aid offices, and other services.
  • Each campus shall develop plans to provide alternative ways for students who are learning remotely to participate in student activities.
  • Student services and activities conducted in person shall adhere to all applicable guidelines relating to masks, and other considerations.

Child Care Facilities

In addition to following UH guidelines, child care centers must adhere to licensing guidelines through the Department of Human Services.

Events, Gatherings, Meetings and Activities

  • Each campus shall develop procedures for requesting approval to hold non-educational indoor events. For any event, please consult any applicable County or State rules for updated guidance or additional limitations. Requests should include at least the following mitigation components:
    • Registration/check-in that includes:
      • self-attestation (i.e., paper version of LumiSight UH or app);
      • showing proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide proof of a negative COVID-19 from a health care facility, pharmacy, or State/county testing facility (either through the LumiSight app or by showing their vaccination card or current and valid negative COVID-19 test results) in accordance with the 2022 Employee COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy and the 2022 Student COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy; and
      • information for contact tracing for all attendees
    • Enforcement of use of masks for indoor events
    • If on premise consumption of food/beverages will be offered, describe plans to comply with current requirements for restaurant/bar/social establishments
    • Plans for addressing symptomatic individuals on-site
    • Communicating safety protocols with attendees and staff
  • Ensure participants wear masks and encourage physical distancing.
  • If possible, use outdoor, well-ventilated spaces, and limit group size to mitigate risk of exposure or transmission.
  • Event organizers should inform the attendees of the self-screening and vaccination requirement with LumiSight UH and establish procedures to verify LumiSight UH clearance. Alternatively, the event organizers may require completion of a paper version of LumiSight UH that contains contact information if needed for contact tracing purposes and physical proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. Any paper forms should be securely discarded (shredded) 14 days after the date on the form.
  • Pursue options to convene sporting events and participation in sports activities in ways that minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to players, coaches, staff, audiences, and communities. Adhere to any applicable league policies.
  • Sporting or larger events with more than 100 in attendance should develop venue and risk mitigation plans that comply with applicable County or State regulations. For athletic events, see UH Hilo and UH Mānoa protocols.
Last modified: January 14, 2022
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