Understanding Marshallese Patients:
Cooperating across Cultures

Resources for Health Professionals


This resource page was developed in conjunction with a workshop, sponsored by the Center for Pacific Islands Studies and Small Island Networks, and held on 28 July 2004 on the UH Manoa campus. The presenters were Willa Ysawa Aaron, Wilfred Alik, Julie Walsh Kroeker, and Neal A Palafox.

We welcome information about additional resources on health care for Marshallese patients, so that they can be added to this page. Please contact Tisha Hickson, if you have resource information to share. Please let your coworkers know about this site, and check back on a regular basis for updates.

You are welcome to use these resources in your work, but we would appreciate it if you would acknowledge the source and the authors, if specified.

Resources distributed at the workshop include

Related articles by Dr. Palafox, et al, in pdf format

  • "Improving Health Outcomes in Diverse Populations: Competency in Cross-cultural Research with Indigenous Pacific Islander Populations," by Neal A Palafox, et al
  • "The Health Predicament of the U.S.-Associated Pacific Islands: What Role for Primary Health Care?" by Neal A Palafox, et al
  • "Formative Research to Inform Intervention Development for Diabetes Prevention in the Republic of the Marshall Islands," by Leslie M Cortes, et al
  • "Cultural Competence: A Proposal for Physicians reaching out to Native Hawaiian Patients," by Neal A Palafox, et al
  • "Vitamin A Deficiency, Iron Deficiency, and Anemia among Preschool Children in the Republic of the Marshall Islands," by Neal A Palafox, et al

Additional post-workshop resources:  

If you have resources to add, please email Tisha Hickson. If you have questions about the resources that are posted, please contact Julie Walsh Kroeker, Small Island Networks.