Webinar: “Femininity in Jose Rizal’s Writings,” Eva Washburn-Repollo

The Center for Rizalian Studies of the Knights of Rizal-Aloha Chapter (Hawaii) invites you to the VIRTUAL RIZALIAN LECTURE #8. Free and open to the global public.

Topic: “Femininity in Jose Rizal’s Writings,”
By Eva Washburn-Repollo, PhD
Associate Professor, Chaminade University of Honolulu

Date and Time: September 25, 2021, Saturday, 5:00 pm (UTC 10, Hawaii time)
or September 26, 2021, Sunday, 11:00am [Philippine Time]

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Jose Rizal’s literary style in his writings offers the lens of femininity as a cultural pattern. The perspective is cognizant of the voices that are echoed in communal sociological contexts. Femininity is one of the cultural patterns believed to be noted in behaviors where emotional gender roles overlap. Jose Rizal is at once gossipy, but at the same time intellectual and artistic as he captures the emotional depths of the characters he chose to create to portray his defense of the nation he loves. Collectivism is prominent in feminine societies where the views and the needs of the group are even more pronounced. These are evident in his writing, where social roles and duties are defined by the in-group and individuals are emotionally dependent on the social organizations and their group membership. Showing nurturing and empathetic insider details in many scenarios, he chooses to bring an understanding to the experiences of those who are oppressed. His point of view falls under the cultural pattern of Femininity as defined by Hofstede (2008) as compared to definitions of Masculinity. The scenes chosen in this paper exemplify the nature of Rizal’s own foundations that echoes his upbringing, as a storyteller and as an observer.