Conversation on President Rodrigo Duterte

The Conversation: Friday, October 7th, 2016
By Beth-Ann Kozlovich & Chris Vandercook • Oct 7, 2016

Rodrigo Duterte is very controversial abroad, but maintains high approval ratings at home.CREDIT WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Patricio Abinales

Some might call him colorful, others, dangerous. Since the election of Rodrigo Duterte last May, the Philippine relationship with the US and with its own people has been changing. He has launched his own war on drugs and drug addicts, and told President Obama to clean up his own backyard. Rodrigo Duterte has also said he wants an end to m joint military operations with the US. But is this hyperbole and bluster or something more. Patricio Abinales is Professor of Asian Studies at the School of Pacific and Asian Studies, and the Director of UH Center for Philippine Studies.

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