CPS Colloquium Series: A Year in Review

The Center for Philippine Studies’ Colloquium series for hosted seven colloquium speakers through the Fall 2013 and the Spring 2014 semesters.   Featuring speakers spanning the fields of American Studies, Education, Law, Psychiatry, and Communication, the CPS Colloquiums covered topics ranging from Filipino diaspora, Filipino Americans in higher education militarism, to Philippine law.

Speakers this year included:

  • Joyce Mariano, Assistant Professor (American Studies)
  • Vernadette Gonzales, Associate Professor (American Studies)
  • Jon Okamura, Professor (Ethnic Studies)
  • Patricia Halagao, Associate Professor (Education)
  • Faina Abaya-Ulindang, Professor* (History)
  • Samuel E. Anonas, Dean* (Social Sciences & Humanities)
  • Jamail A. Kamlian, Professor* (Philippine Studies)
  • Diane Desierto, Assistant Professor (Law)
  • Anthony Guerrero, Professor (Psychiatry)
  • Gretchen Gavero, Assistant Professor (Psychiatry)
  • Francis Dalisay, Assistant Professor (Communication)

*From Mindanao State University, Philippines

For more information on each speaker and their research interests please see the flyers below.






A warm mahalo to all of our CPS Colloquium speakers!

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