Study Abroad: Philippines

The Center for Philippine Studies is very pleased to launch a semester-long Study Abroad Program in the Philippines! For many years now, we have always dreamed of giving our students a truly unique experience of living and studying abroad in the Philippines–one of the most diverse, exotic and challenging nations of Southeast Asia. This is our first–and only–Study Abroad Program in Southeast Asia!

We in Hawai’i have this sense of familiarity and affinity with the peoples and cultures of the Philippines. The strength of this relationship ensures a program that would provide a valuable opportunity for Filipino students to reconnect and learn about their heritage, and for other students to learn about a fascinating culture that is deeply ingrained in the local culture of Hawai’i.

We have created a website that provides all the information students will need, including our partner institution, curriculum, housing, internship opportunities, field trips, program costs, and the application materials.

Deadline for Submission of Applications for Fall 2015: April 1, 2015. Schedule of Program: August 10, 2015-December 12, 2015. (Orientations on August 8 and 9, 2015)

Students are eligible to apply for a FLAS fellowship to go to the Philippines. If you are planning to pursue language studies (Tagalog/Filipino) during your Study Abroad in the Philippines, then you are eligible to apply for the Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) grants for undergraduates. Details about the grant and application materials could be accessed in this website:

The deadline for the fellowship is this Friday, January 16. We apologize for the late notice. Please submit a completed online application form by this Friday. Reference letters and transcripts, etc. could be submitted later.

Finally, there will be a Study Abroad Fair next Wednesday, January 21, 9am-2pm, at Campus Center. CPS will have a table and we’ll be able to provide more information regarding our program.

Thanks a lot! Please do not hesitate to contact Professor Vina Lanzona ( if you have any questions.

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