Hawaii International Film Festival :: November 7-17 – Discounted rates for CSAS Community!

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Hawaii International Film Festival and you can see the films below with the discount code HIFF39 for $2 off ticket sales.


BOMBAY ROSE, dir. Gitanjali Rao

Combining traditional hand painting techniques with modern graphics, BOMBAY ROSE tells the story of a flower seller named Kamala who falls in love with a migrant named Salim on the frenetic, gorgeous streets of Bombay.


HIFF Profilehttps://hiff.org/en/festivals-and-events/film-schedule/film/bombay-rose

AADHAAR, dir. Suman Ghosh

When Pharsua registers for a new aadhaar (resident I.D. card), the village priest says his I.D. is cursed. He sets out on a Kafkaesque journey to change his number against an insurmountable adversary–government bureaucracy.

Clip: https://youtu.be/LQTUkU0_pzs

HIFF Profilehttps://hiff.org/en/festivals-and-events/film-schedule/film/aadhaar

THE LAST COLOR, dir. Vikas Khanna

Chhoti, a nine-year-old tightrope walker and flower seller, decides to help a widow named Noor break through societal barriers of gender and class so they can experience the colors of life once more.


HIFF Profilehttps://hiff.org/en/festivals-and-events/film-schedule/film/last-color-the

These films will screen from November 7 – 17 at the Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18 Theaters.

We hope that you will enjoy the festival!