CSAS Symposium Series – 2020 Theme: Indigeneity (April 15-17, 2020)

The Center for South Asian Studies at the University of Hawai‘i is happy to announce the second year of our Symposium Series:

ĀĪNĀ (MIRROR): Reflecting South Asia in Hawai‘i, Asia-Pacific, and Beyond

2020 Theme: Indigeneity

April 15-17, 2020

Center for South Asian Studies,

School of Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Abstract Submission by December 20th, 2019

300 words to csas@hawaii.edu and saib@hawaii.edu

For this year, we invite presentations that examine indigeneity, which may include many terms, such as ādivāsī, janajāti, vanavāsī, dravida, ādi-dravida, tribal, etc., as a concept and lived experience, in South Asia and among South Asian diasporas. We are interested in bringing together perspectives from a variety of disciplines, regions, historical periods, and arts. We encourage individual papers, panels, storytelling and creative pieces, and art performances. Please see the detailed Call for Papers with themes and questions pertaining to the topic.

Please contact csas@hawaii.edu if you have any questions.