Fall 2020 Courses

ASAN/MUS 478 Music in South Asia (Musical Cultures: India)

TR 01:30-02:45 KUY 213

Instructor: Dr. Anna Stirr

PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy: Morals and Society

MWF 10:30-11:20 MSB 100

Instructor: Dr. Sean Smith

ASAN 654 – South Asia Now

W 5:30-8:00p MOORE 102

Instructor: Dr. Anna Stirr

This is an introductory graduate course. Designed to introduce graduate students to contemporary South Asia as a region, this class examines common historical and cultural, economic and political themes, including global interactions from colonial history to modern economic and cultural networks of circulation, with a focus on the present state of the region within a global context.

HNDI 101 – Elementary Hindi

MW 3:30-4:45p MOORE 226

HNDI 102 – Intermediate Hindi


IP303 – Bollywood Dance, Music, & Film

M 09:30-10:50a SAKAM A411

W 9:30-10:50a DB STUDIO

Instructor: Dr. Sai Bhatawadekar

IP 366 Literatures of Ancient India

TR 09:00-10:15a KUY 303

Instructor: Jesse R. Knutson

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