Learn Bollywood Dance for Credit!

The registration for the Spring semester starts today.

Poster for Dance 301 Class - Asian Dance, Bollywood. All details are in text below.
This is a unique course that combines theory/content and embodied experience. It is a creative program and curriculum design that brings together LLL and A&H. The course will be offered in two departments under two different titles, numbers, and credits:
IP 303 – 3 credit hours (GenEd DA)
Tuesday, Thursday 3.30-4.45pm
Dance 301 Asian Dance (Bollywood Dance) – 1 credit hour (GenEd DA)
Thursday 3.30-4.45pm
On Tuesdays, learn Bollywood film history, classical and folk music and dance, role of “Bollywood” in cross-religious, diasporic, global context and more. On Thursdays, learn actual choreographies to popular Bollywood songs, learn to dance, learn interpretive movement techniques, folk genres, and more.
Students who want to do both content and choreography can take the class for 3 credit hours through IPLL. Those who only want to dance can take the course for 1 credit hour through the Dance Dept. They all get GenEd DA credit.

Register today!