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honolulu, hi, june 10-13 2004

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Welcome to CW04! Below are the most commonly asked questions we’ve not yet received but are anticipating, especially as conference goers begin to disembark from their lengthy plane rides, bleary-eyed and hungry for pineapple. These will help to orient you to at least the basics; there is plenty more information in the conference folders, which participants can pick up when they check in at the conference site.

“I’ve just put my bags away and am standing in the lobby of the Pacific Beach Hotel, wondering how I can get up to the conference site from here.”
The KapCC campus is only about a mile and a half away, so you can (1) walk, (2) take a cab, (3) ride the bus, (4) catch the UH shuttle that we’ve rented, or (5) drive. See the back of this sheet for more specific instructions on each of these ways to get there.

“When and where can I pick up my conference folder and program?”
You can pick up both at the check-in / registration table any time on Thursday, from 7 am to 5 pm. The table will be in front of KapCC’s Ohi‘a Building Bistro. If you haven’t already registered for the conference, you can register and pay right there at the table. You can also register for conference extras—such as workshops, guest meals, etc.

“When and where is the opening night reception?”
It’s not at the hotel; it’s at KapCC, and it will run from 5pm to 7pm. If you’re not attending any workshops and aren’t planning on being onsite until the opening reception, please come a bit early to pick up your registration materials at Ohi‘a before 5pm.

“I have digital materials that I want to use in my presentation/workshop; what storage should I use?”
Please bring CDs rather than floppies. Only some of our computers have floppy drives (our emacs, for instance, do not).
“What will I be able to use to display my digital material?” Each room will have either a laptop or a workstation connected to a projector.

“I brought my wireless laptop; where do I register my network card?”
Wireless access is available at various buildings on campus. Register your network card at the registation desk. Instructions and a form will be available when you pick up your conference folder.

“Where can I check my email and do some additional work online?”
The KapCC campus Internet cafe, Cybernesia, will be open for your use from 8:00 to 4:00 Thursday through Saturday. Internet access, basic software, and printing services are available. The PacBeach hotel also has services.

“I’m driving up to KapCC in my rental car; the map I got from my rental company doesn’t show KapCC’s parking facilities. Where can I park?”
On Thursday, June 10, you may park in any stall on the KapCC campus except those marked “staff,” “reserved,” and “handicapped.” Friday through Sunday you may park in any stall except those marked “reserved” and “handicapped.”

“It’s 2am and I’m wide awake! What now?” (or, “I’ll try the poi….zzzzzzzz”) Especially for those early-risers coming from the East Coast, you’re going to find yourself dropping off at dinner-time and wide awake well before the sun comes up. Most of us can fight falling asleep for a few hours in the evening, but it’s difficult to lie in bed for very long after our internal alarms have gone off. Plan to take advantage of the time you’ll have: you can swim in the ocean (just footsteps away from the hotel is beautiful Waikiki Beach); if you rented a car you can drive to the East side of the Island (20-30 minutes at most) and hike up past the Makapuu lighthouse to watch the sunrise; you can go for a leisurely walk along the water; and so on. Be sure to store some wee-morning-hour snacks.

“What’s with the jellyfish and Portuguese Man of War signs at the beach?” Jellyfish tend to be present in swimming areas approximately eleven days after most full moons; this month the eleventh day happens to coincide with the conference dates, so if you see such signs, pay attention to them. Jellyfish and Man of War stings can be painful.

Directions for getting up to KapCC the first time:

Taking the city bus from PacBeach Hotel to KapCC (#58 and #22):
In your conference folder is more specific information on bus routes between KapCC and the Pacific Beach Hotel. To get you to KapCC initially, though, here is the info you’ll need for Thursday. (You can also call “TheBus” at 808-848-5555 from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm for more route details.) TheBus costs $2.00 per person per ride; transfers are free. If you pick up a bus schedule, keep in mind that Friday, June 11 is a state holiday and not a “normal weekday.”

Some notes:
Bus Stop is behind the PB Hotel, Kuhio Street, East Bound (Ocean=South).
Nearest prior departure point on public schedules: Ala Moana. Time from Ala Moana to PB Hotel, approximately 5-7 minutes (depending on traffic, conditions, etc.; be early).
Ask the driver for the KapCC arrival stop at the Diamond Head Park entrance. (There are two KapCC stops; this is the closest one to the conference space.)

Bus #58 “Hawai‘i Kai-Sea Life Park / Hawai‘i Kai-Kalama Valley” Departure Times from Ala Moana (nearest prior stop, 5 mins. Away): First bus 6:50 am; then 8:00 am; then every 30 minutes on hour or _-hour; last bus 6:05 pm.

Bus #22 “Hawai‘i Kai-Sea Life Park / Hanauma Bay” Departure Times from Kuhio/Namahana (nearest prior stop, 5 mins. away): First bus 8:15; 9:15; 9:55, then every hour at hr:55 until 3:55. Last bus 4:25.

Walking: Pacific Beach Hotel to KapCC—1.5 mile walk.
The first mile:
Go out the door on the ocean side of the Pacific Beach Hotel, and you will be on Kalakaua Avenue, across the street from Waikiki Beach.

Turn left on Kalakaua, walk past Kapahulu Avenue, past the entrance to the Honolulu Zoo, to Monsarrat Avenue where you turn left, veering slowly away from the ocean. The Zoo will be on your left, Diamond Head up in front of you, and the ocean behind you. On your right will be Kapi’olani Park.

At the next stoplight, Paki Street, you will see the Queen Kapi’olani garden on the left. Stay on Monsarrat and keep walking. Diamond Head will be on your right, soon. After passing Paki Street and the Waikiki School, you will come to a small shopping center.

The last 1/2 mile:
Have a cup of coffee at Bogart’s. KapCC is only one half mile up Monsarrat from the small shopping center. After your cup of coffee, proceed up Monsarrat for a half mile. You will be at Makapuu Street.

Somewhere between the shopping center and Makapuu, most likely when you go through “stone pillars,” the name of the street you are on changes from Monsarrat to Diamond Head Road.

At the corner of Makapuu Street and Diamond Head Road, you are at the far corner of the KapCC campus. Keep walking until you see a small white chapel and a driveway. If you enter the campus at the small white chapel entrance, you will see up in front of you a rather large cactus garden.

Walk up the path through the cactus garden and keep walking until you come to a large open grassy area. On the Diamond Head side of the grassy area is the Ohi‘a Cafeteria Building which will be a central organizing place for the conference.

Riding the Shuttle Service:
We have rented a van to escort people back and forth, and it will make continuous round trips (roughly 20 minutes apart) from 6:40 am to 8:40 am from Thursday through Sunday. The van will return to the hotel from KapCC each evening as well. At the hotel, wait for the van by the coffee shop outside the front, south wall (Liliuokalani Street). The van is free.

Taking a Cab:
Just ask a valet out front of the hotel to flag you a taxi; Waikiki’s crawling with them.

You can successfully follow the walking directions above. But stay off the sidewalks.

Hosts in Hawai'i    
Judi Kirkpatrick
Department of Language Arts
Kapi'olani Community College
Darin Payne
Department of English
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
John Zuern
Department of English
University of Hawai'i at Manoa

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