Terms and Conditions

 Updated Interim COVID-19 Terms and Conditions For the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program 



Participant(s) – eligible person(s) who have submitted a Pre-Registration Form for the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program



  • Participants must be 60 years or older 
  • Must have been a bona fide resident of Hawaiʻi for at least one calendar year (365 days) prior to the first day of classes in which they would like to register.  
  • Participants must demonstrate tuberculosis (TB) clearance.  This can be accomplished by providing results of a TB clearance test or by completing a TB Risk Assessment Form, signed by a U.S. licensed healthcare provider (M.D., D.O., A.P.R.N., or P.A.).  The TB clearance test or TB Risk Assessment Form must have been completed and/or signed within one year prior to enrollment.  
    • Tuberculosis clearance tests may include a TB skin test (PPD – Mantoux) or blood test (QFT, T-Spot) or a chest x-ray. Skin test results must be read within 48 to 72 hours and results must be documented in millimeters (e.g., 0mm). If your TB skin test or blood test is positive, a chest x-ray is required. TB tests must be performed by a U.S. licensed provider.
  • COVID-19 vaccination is not required but is strongly recommended.



  • Participants may attend classes for which instructors have offered written approval via the Faculty Approval Form. 
  • Participants are eligible to participate in up to 2 courses either online and in-person classes
    • Excluded courses: Medical, Law school, 500+ level courses, English Department’s Creative Writing, Yoga, Tai Chi & Outreach College/Extension courses.
  • Participants may use facilities and attend programs open to the general public (e.g. galleries, library, bookstore, cafeteria, public libraries). 
    • Access to facilities such as the Warrior Rec Center, Campus Center Computer Lab, and Rainbow Shuttle are not accessible to NK Participants at this time.  
  • Participants who want to borrow from Hamilton or Sinclair Library are subject to general fees.  See here for details: http://go.hawaii.edu/Suf 
  • Participants do not receive University of Hawaii ID cards.  Facilities, programs, and discounts that require University of Hawaii ID cards are not available to Participants.



  • Participants are responsible for maintaining a personal email account and checking it regularly to see communication from the program office.  
  • Participants must have a working knowledge of how to use a computer for e-mail, accessing course materials, and using Laulima.  
  • Participants are responsible for remembering their password and login information and keeping it secure for their own use only.  
  • Participants who use Visitor Internet Access (VIA) and/or Laulima must adhere to all applicable UH policies when using UH network resources. Unauthorized access is prohibited by law in accordance with Chapter 708, Hawaii Revised Statutes; all use is subject to University of Hawaii Executive Policy E2.210.
  • Participants are responsible for obtaining written approval for the classes they would like to attend, and must return signed Instructor Approval Forms by the second Friday of the semester.  
  • Participants are subject to abide by the University of Hawaii Student Code of Conduct Policy and COVID-19 Policies. See here: http://go.hawaii.edu/fuR 
  • Participants must comply with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances. 
  • Participants who are given a trespass notice must comply with Department of Public Safety (DPS) requirements and will be removed from the program and not allowed to participate or re-enroll in the program.  
  • Participants are visitors on the UH Mānoa Campus and are NOT eligible to receive course credits, degrees or certificates as a non-paying participant. 
  • Participants recognize access to on-campus services and resources are restricted to UH Manoa Students, Faculty & Staff and public access is limited.  
  • The Office of Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity (SEED) reserves the discretion to release participants from the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program.  

Course Instructors

  • Course Instructors may approve Participants to attend classes as a guest by signing a completed Instructor Approval Form for each Participant.  Course Instructors may grant “Guest Participant” access to course websites on Laulima for Participants.  
  • Course Instructors reserve the right not to participate in the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program 
  • Course Instructors have the right to dismiss a Participant from a class if the Participant is disruptive or does not abide by the University of Hawaii Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedures. 
  • Course Instructors will contact the coordinator of the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program if there are questions or concerns about the program or a Participant.
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