ECON 131 :: Principles of Macroeconomics
Fall 2018 @Hawaii CC

17528 (E. HI) 17529 (WH)
Credit Hours:
Teriannne Brown
808-934-2580 (Ph)
808-974-7757 (Fax)
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
08/20/2018 - 12/13/2018
5:00pm- 7:45pm
Origination Site: Manono Campus 388-102
Receive Sites: WestHI (501-125) Palamanui
Course Prerequisites:
PreReq: Eng 21 or ESL 21 or placement in Eng 102; and Eng 22 or (ESL 22G and ESL 22W) or placement in Eng 100; and Math 25 or Math 26 or placement in Math 100 or placement in Math 103
Course Description:
This course analyzes the forces determining national and international economic performance in employment, inflation, production, money supply, and trade. Presents in historical context the modern economic situation. Describes relative roles of major economic institutions such
as businesses, labor unions, government agencies, international organizations, and the banks.
Technical Requirements:
This is a HITS Class with the instructor located in Hilo.
Additional Notes:
Students should go to and log in with their UH username and password on or 1-2 days before the first class date. Students may email instructor with any questions. (
Monday, June 25, 2018 11:08:40