MATH 120 :: Trigonometry for Surveying
Fall 2018 @Hawaii CC

17086 (E. HI) 17087 (WH)
Credit Hours:
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
08/20/2018 - 12/13/2018
8:00am- 9:15am
Origination Site: Manono 3393-104
Receive Sites: WestHI (501-125) Palamanui
Course Prerequisites:
PreReq: "C" or better in Math 25 or "C" or better in Math 26 or placement in Math 120
Course Description:
Designed for students in Forest TEAM & related careers. Application of trigonometry to surveying. Topics included are solving right triangles to
find angle measures and lengths of sides; specifying directions (finding bearings and azimuths to plot surveys); converting between bearings and azimuths; computing precision; using Law of Sine and Law of Cosine to find the measures of angles and lengths of sides of oblique triangles; computing areas of triangles and other polygonal regions
using geometric and trigonometric formulas, computing, correcting and balancing latitude and departure, computing error of closure, and
finding the coordinates of the survey.
Trigonometry for Surveying by Bergman
McGraw Hill; 2013
ISBN: 9781121843523 Required

BOOK INFO: Students should purchase books through the UH Bookstore by calling 1-808-932-7394 or choose the "Hilo Bookstore" link online at
Technical Requirements:
This is a VideoConference Class with the instructor located in Hilo.
Additional Notes:
Students should go to and log in with their UH username and password on or 1-2 days before the first class date. Students may email instructor with any questions. (
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