How to Apply

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STEP 1: Meet with your high school counselor

  • Discuss which dual credit program is the best fit for you to understand the benefits and potential impacts related to your high school graduation requirements.
  • Determine which classes to take.  (This may be a collaborative conversation with the Running Start or Early College contact/counselor at the UH campus you’d like to attend.)
  • Ask your counselor about the deadline(s) at the UH campus you wish to attend.
  • Discuss and complete placement requirements for the class.  (This may also be a collaborative conversation with the Running Start or Early College contact/counselor at the UH campus you’d like to attend.)

STEP 2: Work with your counselor on required forms

  • Complete the UH System Application form.
  • Complete the online Dual Credit Application form; specify selected classes and authorize UH to forward your grades to the high school registrar upon completion of the class.
  • Submit the signed Dual Credit Application form and any other documents required by the UH campus to your high school counselor.

STEP 3: Be on the lookout for your notification letter in the mail or via email.

  • Follow up with the Admissions Office at the UH campus you applied to if you do not receive a letter or email or if you have any questions about the letter/email.
  • Work with the Running Start or Early College contact/counselor at the relevant UH campus to complete any additional steps related to your enrollment at the UH campus and registration in your selected class(es).


Dual Credit Opportunities

  Early College Running Start
Do I earn dual credit? Yes Yes
Where do I take my class(es)? High School Campus (typically) College campus
Who teaches my class(es)? College professor or qualified HS teacher College professor
Who’s in the classroom with me? Other high school students Other college students (with a variety of ages and experiences)
Who pays for the class(es)? High School (typically) Varies:

Student, High School, or a Scholarship

What courses are offered? High school determines course offerings (check with your high school counselor) Listed on the UH Catalog
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Application FAQs

Q: Which program should I apply for?

Refer to the dual credit comparison chart above and determine what options are available for you and what will best fit your academic, financial, and personal needs. If you have other specific questions, please contact your high school counselor.

Q: Do I need to complete a new online Dual Credit Application form if I applied before?

Yes. We need the most current information on your application every semester that you apply.

Q: What if I made a mistake on my submitted application?

If you submitted an application with a mistake on it, please contact your high school counselor to make the correction, or call 808-956-3879 to request to make a change.

Q: Is there a deadline for the dual credit program application?

Yes. There are various deadlines.

For the GEAR UP Dual Credit Scholarship: please visit the Running Start page for all semester deadlines.

If you are not applying for a scholarship and are applying for Early College and/or Running Start, deadlines may vary for each high school and UH campus. Please verify the dates with your high school counselor.

Q: Can I apply to both Early College and Running Start programs in the same semester?

Yes. You are able to apply to both Early College and Running Start in the same semester. We encourage students that take multiple courses to speak with their high school counselor for advising assistance.

Q: How do I know if I am ready to take a dual credit course?

If you are motivated and want to get a head start on your college career, taking a dual credit course may be a good fit for you!  We strongly advise students to talk to their high school counselor before taking a dual credit course.