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중국에서의 탈북자 강제북송에 대한 연구
Research on China’s Forced Repatriation of North Korean Defectors
Brian M. Boyle

M.A. student in Korean for Professionals, EALL

Repeated requests to China from the international community to end the forced repatriation of North Korean defectors over the past 20 years have been met with little success. The purpose of this research is to try and uncover the root causes and propose a solution for China’s repeated refusal to change its policy. These causes can be isolated into economic hardship, political turmoil, and a fear of a massive refugee crisis in China. This research also compared similar circumstances in East Germany, concluding that such a refugee crisis is likely to set in motions events that could lead to the end of the Kim regime in North Korea, and a possible unification between the two Koreas.

한국 대학생들의 페미니즘에 대한 인식 조사 및 분석
A Study on Korean College Students’ Perception of Feminism
Clara Hur
M.A. student in Korean for Professionals, EALL

Despite the considerable amount of media coverage on rallies, scandals, and sex crimes that further placed feminism into the limelight, a scant amount of survey research on Koreans’ perception and knowledge of feminism as well as other concepts like toxic masculinity, gender roles, and rape culture has been conducted. In order to examine young Koreans’ understanding of feminism, 50 Korean undergraduate students were surveyed by using online questionnaires. An analysis of the responses had yielded that most college students did recognize the need for feminism in society but were reluctant to identify as feminists due to the difference between the concept itself and the practice of feminism in Korea. It was also evident that most young Koreans have been making efforts to reconceptualize feminism which had collapsed due to the formation of extremely polarized radical feminist and anti-feminist groups.


북한의 핵협상 전략 사례 연구: 북한의 정상회담의 계획 방식을 중심으로
How North Korea Plans High-Level Summit Meetings: A Case Study to Understand North Korea’s Negotiation Strategy
Daniel Ku
M.A. student in Korean for Professionals, EALL

The principal objective of this paper is to gain an understanding of how states negotiate agreements. Most studies on negotiation examine how negotiators engage their counterparts and the numerous factors that shape their interaction at the table and thereby the outcome of the negotiation. However, there is a dearth of research on how states plan the talks itself. This paper argues that the methods by which states plan negotiations, to create the most optimal conditions to inking agreements, represent one facet of a broader negotiation strategy that states employ. The 2019 U.S.-North Korean Hanoi Summit presents a case study to examine the conditions under which states believe they possess the most leverage to reap concessions during negotiations.

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