Japanese Korean Linguistics Conference (JK) is the most prestigious conference on Japanese and Korean Linguistics. It provides a unique venue where Japanese and Korean linguists with different theoretical frameworks gather annually and share their research findings. UHM hosted JK 25 last year. This year’s JK (JK 26) was hosted by UCLA and took place between November 29 and December 1. JK 26 commemorated the recent passing of Prof. Noriko Akatsuka, an influential and beloved Japanese linguist who taught at UCLA. She was also one of the founding members of JK.

The department of EALL was well-represented at JK 26. Prof. Mary Shin Kim was one of the invited speakers for the conference, and she presented her recent research on the use of different forms of Korean imperatives in ordinary conversations. Three other EALL faculty also presented their studies at JK 26. Prof. Kazue Kanno presented a paper on the role of subjectivity in use of Japanese honorific forms, Dr. Hye-Seung Lee presented a synchronic and diachronic analysis of mwusun ‘what kind of’ as a discourse marker, and Prof. Shin Fukuda presented a paper on Japanese transitive nouns. At the conclusion of the conference, it was announced that JK 27 will be hosted by Sogang University in Seoul, Korea. We hope to see many EALL faculty and graduate students at JK 27 in 2019.


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