The department of EALL welcomes new faculty Han-byul Chung! Below is an interview with Han:


What is your academic back ground?

I finished my Ph.D. in Linguistic at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. I finished my MA and BA in linguistics at Seoul National University.


Can you tell us about your research interests?

I am interested in all language related issues, but recently I am more focused on the relation between abstract Case assignment and morphological case marking. More specifically, I am interested in the so-called ECM constructions and Accusative-marked subjects found in Manchu, Mongol, Japanese, and Korean, etc… I am also interested in information structural markers.


When and why did you become interested in (Korean) linguistics?
My interest in language stemmed from my experience in the US when I was 9 years old. When I first came to US at 9, I did not even know what ABC was. Then, in about 6 months span, I was able to speak English. After returning to Korea, I maintained my interest in language and eventually entered the linguistics department at Seoul National University. My interest in Korean syntax developed only after I entered the linguistics department and took the syntax course.


How do you like your life in Hawaii so far? 
Hawaii has been very welcoming so far! I love the blue skies and the beaches! Since I haven’t experienced the winters here, I am really hoping that the temperatures will go down a bit in the winter. I also love to fact that we are so close to the nature and the city! So far, I am enjoying the best of both worlds.


What courses are you teaching now and will you be teaching in the near future?
I am teaching graduate level Korean language course this semester. And I am hoping I would be able to teach Korean syntax courses in the near future.


Please tell us anything you would like your current and future students to know about you. 
My name is pronounced Han, as in Han solo. And, yes, I like Starwars. I am pretty much an easy-going person, but I try to be focused when it matters. Most importantly, I really enjoy what I do. And I think you should too.


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