The department of EALL welcomes new faculty member Masaru Mito! Below is an interview with Masaru:


What is your academic back ground?

I received my B.A. in Japanese Language and Culture from the University of Tsukuba and my M.A. in Japanese linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Can you tell us about your research interests?

I am interested in language pedagogy in general, but my focus is especially on the integration of technology and authentic materials. I am also excited to incorporate language resources in Hawaii into classroom.


When and why did you become interested in teaching Japanese?
An internship program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison got me interested in teaching Japanese. I joined the program when I was a junior in college, and found it amazing that there are a lot of people learning Japanese in the world. This experience developed my passion for assisting them in achieving their goals as a teacher.


How do you like your life in Hawaii so far? 
My life in Hawaii has been good so far. I experienced severe winters in Madison and Boston, and now I am truly enjoying wearing a T-shirt and shorts in winter.


What courses are you teaching now and will you be teaching in the near future?
I am currently teaching Elementary Japanese and hoping that I would be able to teach upper-level courses too.


Please tell us anything you would like your current and future students to know about you. 
It takes some time to learn a foreign language, but I am always happy to help you. I look forward to learning Japanese with you!


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