Intensive summer programs and the Capstone Year are important components of the Chinese Language Flagship Program, which is designed to combine professional levels of language proficiency and cultural literacy with any major. Graduates can read, write, speak, and listen in their fields in both English and Chinese with minimal linguistic difficulty. 

     Flagship director Madeline Spring is pleased to announce that 13 upper and lower level students were accepted to overseas and domestic intensive summer language programs: 

  • Princeton in Beijing (3)
  • Critical Language Scholarship Program (1)
  • Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program (3)
  • International Chinese Language Program in Taipei (1)
  • CET Beijing (1)
  • Flagship Chinese Institute of Indiana University (4) 

In order to help defray costs of these prestigious programs, students earned scholarships, including the Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship; Freeman Asia Scholarship; Critical Language Scholarship, Island Palms Community Scholarship; and Flagship awards. 

    In capstone news, Anthony Jenkins was accepted to the Capstone Year in China at Nanjing University and will start this fall. Leon Qu and Edwin Wong, who each began their Capstone Year at Nanjing University last spring, are planning to intern in Shenzhen or Shanghai this summer. Jenkins, Qu, and Wong received scholarships, including the Boren Award; Fund for Education Abroad; LLL Hands of Hope Scholarship; Red Mandarin and Lady Yi Suen Shen Scholarship; and Flagship awards. 

    Xiaoqing Yu, a biology and Chinese double major with Flagship specialization, will complete her Capstone Year in China this summer and graduate. She hopes to further her education and pursue a career in medicine.


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