Hawai’i Early Childhood Educator Stipend

The State of Hawaiʻi Executive Office of Early Learning (EOEL) and University of Hawaiʻi, in partnership with initial seed funding from the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, is proud to offer a tuition stipend to current and potential early childhood educators and caregivers! Stipends are available to students enrolled in qualified college-level Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificate and degree programs throughout the University of Hawaiʻi college system. Watch the promo video below!

Visit the EOEL website to learn more and see the program flyer below.

***NOTE to UH students: Any stipend received for tuition and fees will be considered as part of your financial aid eligibility. Any outside funding a student receives that pays for any portion of the student’s cost of attendance must be considered when determining eligibility for financial aid. This stipend is considered “outside funding.”