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General Overview

Q: What are the basic capabilities of AiM?
A: The eFacilities AiM system offers a variety of modules.  While initially AiM was implemented for managing the Customer Request/Work Order processes, its capabilities reach well beyond this. 

Campuses are in the process of implementing AiM for the following:

  • Customer Request/Work Order Management (for reported facilities management, as well as preventive maintenance routines)
  • Billing of chargeable Work Orders
  • Space Management and Planning
  • F&A Indirect Cost Recovery data gathering
  • Asset Tracking
Q: What is the administrative structure for management of AiM?
A: eFacilities AiM is administered by the UH system Office of Capital Improvements (OCI). OCI provides a systems coordinator to oversee the 9 campuses currently using AiM, and all its Users (both internal users and end users). Each campus has a designated Campus Coordinator who specializes in the day-to-day management of AiM. Contact information for the System and Campus Coordinators are available in the eFacilities website.
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Logging In

Q: How do I login?
A: Users must login with their UH Username and password. The eFacilities AiM system will search your UH Username account to identify your campus affiliation, and make sure you are valid faculty or staff.
Q: Why can I not login?
A: Users must have their building coordinator or facilities manager set up a security profile to be able to login. Once a profile is created, a user can then login with their UH Username and password.
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Overview of the Customer Request Process

Q: Why must I submit my request online?
A: Submittals of requests online allow for a more streamlined process and easy tracking/monitoring.  By utilizing the features on your Work Desk and the Customer Service Module, you will be able to easily submit a request at the convenience of your computer via the internet, and have access to later track the status of your request.
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Q: Can I still submit the traditional paper Work Request form?
A: Please consult your campus Facilities & Maintenance office to see if they are still accepting paper copies.  Most campuses who have already implemented the eFacilities AiM system will no longer accept hard-copies.
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Q: I missed the training sessions previously offered.  How do I get started?
A: User Guides are available on the eFacilities website – click on your campus’ page.  You may print the one for your campus and use it as a step-by-step guide to get started with eFacilities AiM.
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Q: Can I get authorization to enter requests through the AiM system?
A: All full time UH faculty and staff have access to AiM as it validates the User name to log in. Please check if an internal procedure and designated personnel (e.g. building coordinator) are in place to submit requests. It is up to the department or building coordinator to create an internal procedure to specify who will be the designated person(s) to submit requests.
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Q: Who can see my requests?  Can others in my office see what I have submitted?
A: As AiM requires unique login for each User, requests can be viewed only by the User who submitted the transaction.
Authorizers and FAs can see all transactions tied to them.
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Q: Is the AiM Work Order module being used by units other than Facilities/O&M departments?
A: Yes, this is true at some campuses.  Units such as Computing Services, Educational Media, Events Planning, etc. may be using AiM.  Each campus using AiM across multiple units will have procedures set to ensure proper routing of the requests.  Please see your campus page on the eFacilities website for more information.
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Submitted Requests/Work Orders

Q: Once I submit my request online, then what happens?
A: Generally your request will be reviewed and subject to approval into a Work Order. Requests will likely be sorted/prioritized in order of urgency first, and then in the order received.

Requests that are extensive in nature (and for UHM, those that are deemed billable), additional authorization may be required from your departmental Dean/Director/Chair and/or your Fiscal Administrator.  You shall be notified accordingly if such authorizations are needed.

Once the request is approved, it is converted into an official Work Order with a status of “open” and sent out to the appropriate personnel for execution.  When the job is complete, the Work Order status will change to “closed.”

NOTE:  Please understand that work orders are prioritized by level of urgency.  Emergencies are always given top priority, followed by urgent issues.  The number of work requests submitted every day may not allow for immediate response to non-urgent matters.  We welcome status inquiries for those work orders that are complex or large in nature, as these issues may take time and/or be completed in incremental phases.

Q: How do I track Work Orders for the different campus units using AiM?
A: If your campus is using AiM for units other than Facilities/O&M, setting up an effective WorkDesk becomes even more critical.  You may want to set up Personal Queries for the different units so that Work Orders are filtered accordingly.

See the User Guide section of the eFacilities website to get more information on setting up an effective WorkDesk.

Q: Who do I contact to follow up on a status of a work order?
A: Please contact the appropriate campus unit that you submitted your request to.  The individual campus contact information can be found on the eFacilities website.
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Other Uses of AiM

Q: What other uses can AiM be used for?
A: The AiM system offers four basic functionalities: Work Order Management, Space Planning, Property Data Management and Asset Tracking.  The chart below shows the different modules that the campuses are currently using.

AiM is also used by the Office of Research Services for the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs survey, (also known as indirect costs).  These costs are associated with sponsored activities of UH research enterprises which cannot be readily associated with an individual project.  (e.g. building and equipment depreciation, equipment and capital improvements, departmental and college administration, etc.)  The allocation of costs determines the F&A Rate, which is submitted to the Federal Government. The F&A Rate is the amount reimbursed to the University for facilities and administrative costs incurred to support grants and contracts.

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