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Please contact ITS Helpdesk if the AiM system is down.

Inquiries for work requests or first time users should be directed to the specific campus Facilities, O&M office.

For AiM technical assistance, please submit a support request.

    Manoa Campus Contact Information

    Please direct all work request inquiries to:
    Link to the Manoa Office of Facilities and Grounds Work Coordination Center

    Office of Facilities and Grounds Work Coordination Center
    Phone: 956-7134

    Shortcuts to Facilities Management

    eFacilities New User Training

    There are currently no training sessions scheduled.

    Small group training sessions (5 attendees minimum) may be arranged by contacting

    Federal Funds Certification Statement Under ORS Guidelines

    Certification statement1

    Federal Funds approved by Fiscal Officer
    By authorizing a work request, the Fiscal Officer certifies that the alterations/renovations or extraordinary O&M costs were budgeted for in the proposal and approved by the sponsor.

    Federal and External Funds Used1

    Routine circumstances
    Routine operations & maintenance (O&M) costs such as utilities, custodial services, repairs & maintenance, minor alterations and renovations, security, hazardous materials disposal, fire safety, and lab safety are normally recovered through the F&A or indirect cost rates whether they are charged to projects or not. Thus, federal grants or contracts should not be used to pay for such costs.

    Extraordinary circumstances
    In some cases, major alterations or renovations are required to accommodate a project's special needs. In other cases, special conditions may exist that warrant direct charging of O&M costs to a project. Under these circumstances, costs of alterations/renovations or extraordinary O&M costs should be budgeted for in the proposal and approved by the sponsor.

    1Provided by ORS 27May2009. Questions related to these items should be directed to ORS.

    eFacilities AiM has become an integral tool used by various groups at UHM for managing space, space surveying, building data management, and more. Listed below are eFacilities AiM partners whom, together, work to streamline space and building data and its many uses throughout the campus.

    General Campus Space Planning & Management

    UH Planning
    James Kurata

    KFS Purchasing, Asset Tracking and Building Numbering

    Property Fund Management Office(PFMO)
    Kelcie Watai

    AV-Ready General-Use Rooms and Equipment

    Center for Instructional Support (CIS)


    JABSOM Campus Contact

    Facilities/AiM Assistance
    Phone: 692-0910

    Ed Ohlson
    Link to the JABSOM Office of Facilities