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Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

All admitted UH-Mānoa students who have English as a second language are required to clear the ELI. There are two ways to get ELI clearance:

  1. If you meet any of the exemption criteria, you will be exempted from the ELI and you won’t need to take the ELI Placement Test. (For a list of exemption criteria, click here.) You may be required to provide documentation to proves you meet exemption criteria. If you think you meet any of the exemption criteria, please contact the ELI (by email at
  2. If you do not meet any exemption criteria, you must take the ELI Placement Test. (There are no exceptions to this. Based on the scores of your test, you may be placed into intermediate or advanced ELI courses, or you may be exempted in one or more of the three skill areas the test covers.)

If you do not meet the exemption criteria, then you will have a “registration hold”. This means that you will not be able to register for classes until you have signed up for the ELI Placement Test, either online or in person. After we receive and confirm your registration information, we will remove the registration hold.  Holds are removed in the order we receive them. Please allow at least three working days for the hold to be removed.

ELI Placement Tests for Fall 2022 will be held in Bilger 150 at the following times:

  • Tuesday, August 16th – 8:15am to 1:00pm
  • Thursday, August 18th – 8:15am to 1:00pm
  • Tuesday, August 23rd – 4:45pm to 9:30pm
    The August 23rd date is reserved for students who must arrive late to Hawaii due to flight or visa issues.

To register online for the ELI Placement Test, you will need to fill out a form, which should take about 10-15 minutes. It’s important and helpful to fill the form out as detailed as you can!

Click here to register for the ELI Placement Test for Fall 2022


The ELI is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation both locally in Hawaii and abroad. Our plan is to hold the ELIPT on the dates scheduled above. However, we have prepared other possible options for making placement decisions if the situation changes. If there are any changes, we will communicate via email with those who have registered for the ELIPT. Please register for the test, and check your email for any updates from the ELI.

In-person registration is currently unavailable. If you have any ELIPT registration issues, please contact us at

If you have an ELI registration hold, or need to meet with an ELI advisor, please contact the ELI office via email: