‘Ike Wai Conference Travel Request Instructions

(for ‘Ike Wai Participants Only)

These instructions are for ‘Ike Wai participants who want to apply for competitively awarded ‘Ike Wai funding for travel to conferences, workshops and other meetings. The destination event must be closely aligned with the goals and activities of ‘Ike Wai in order to request project funds. For conferences, the requestor must have an active role in the event (e.g., invited speaker, session chair, oral/poster presenter). Preference will be given to students and post-docs nearing graduation/ completion who are presenting new research at major conferences, and to those who have not previously received ‘Ike Wai travel funding. Travel fund awards are competitive and all ‘Ike Wai personnel are encouraged to apply.

The application form is below. Please be specific and include any information that will assist the Conference Travel Committee in making a recommendation, particularly regarding the criteria noted below.

Applications submitted to the Conference Travel Committee will be evaluated and ranked based on criteria such as

  • Role in ‘Ike Wai
  • Expected Graduation Date
  • Active Role in Conference
  • Benefits to ‘Ike Wai
  • Benefits to participant
  • Total Estimated Cost
  • Leveraged Funds
  • First-time travel fund applicant


When you have completed the two-page application, please save it, along with any other supporting documents, into a single .pdf using the filename format: “lastname yymmdd.pdf” where lastname is your last name and yymmdd is the Year, Month and Day of the application due date.

Email this PDF to Michelle Choe (choem3@hawaii.edu) before 5p.m. on the deadline date. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Kevin Kelly (kevink@hawaii.edu; x66651).

Download (docx)

Download (pdf)