CyberCANOE at UH Hilo

Data Science Program at UH Hilo

An important part of the ʻIke Wai project workforce development is to advance the strength and competitiveness of Hawaii in the growing field of data science. The focus of this effort is at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, led by Roberto Pelayo and Matthew Platz.

Effort 1: Three new curricular programs are being established in data science to complete a certificate, a minor, and a major in the subject. As part of this effort, two new faculty have been hired (one in math, one in computer science) to help develop and teach four new undergraduate courses (two in mathematics, two in computer science) and act as advisors in the new programs. Plans call to also hire two more faculty, with at least one in a natural science (biology or marine science).

Check back in Fall 2018 for more details of the Data Science degree program.

Effort 2: To facilitate the new data science group, the UH ITS unit (which contributed heavily to the ‘Ike Wai Cyberinfrastructure team) is developing a series of online learning modules in high performance computing, science-as-a-service, and software platforms such as Agave. In addition, the UH Hilo team is working with Jason Leigh and his visualization team to bring visualization and analytics efforts to UH Hilo.

Effort 3: Two new five-week summer programs have been developed with focuses on mathematics and data science for rising freshman and sophomores who may be interested in pursuing the new data science programs.

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