Education and Opportunities

The Education goal of the ʻIke Wai project is to establish an integrated set of pathways to train and develop a diverse cohort of students, post-doctoral, and faculty researches at UH Hilo and UH Mānoa to address Hawaiʻi’s water challenges. There are Undergraduate Summer Bridge programs, Undergraduate Scholars programs, and a mentoring program for all ʻIke Wai participants, as well as on-going professional development for students, post-docs, and faculty researchers.

Undergraduate Scholars Program

`Ike Wai Undergraduate Scholars Program (UHM & UHH)

`Ike Wai Summer Bridge Program

`Ike Wai Summer Bridge Programs (UHM & UHH)

Students examine samples from a pond

‘Ike Wai Graduate Scholars Program

Mentoring Cascade

Mentoring Cascade

Education and Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

Education & Workforce

External Student Opportunities