The Hawai‘i EPSCoR Office

at University of Hawai‘i System

The University of Hawai’i System houses the EPSCoR leadership team for the state. This core team, with an extensive network of collaborating researchers, educators, community partners and industry stakeholders, has the following goals:


  • Administer and nurture current and future ESPCoR funded programs
  • Report to institutional, community state and national stakeholders on EPSCoR outcomes and impact in Hawai’i
  • Foster sustaining infrastructure in critical areas such as cyberinfrastructure and innovation to maximize EPSCoR efficiency and impact
  • Cultivate high impact, successful proposals
    leveraging EPSCoR investment that sustain and further the goals of EPSCoR scientists and

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Key Partners

Hawai’i Data Science Institute

UH Information Technology Services

UH Office of Research Services

UH Office of Innovation and Commercialization

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and

Hawai’i Statewide Science and Technology Committee