The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa hosts tryouts at the beginning of the school year in August. Please follow our social media regarding information of tryout dates.

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The University of Hawaiʻi seeks out players who are able to be a role player in a team environment, are able to receive feedback from their peers, and want to contribute to esports at UH.

Players will be evaluated by coaches and analysts during the tryout period to find teammates that work well together for the school year.

Players will be required to

  • Maintain grades and academic performance
  • Maintain competitive preparation and readiness
  • Attendance to team practice and matches
Criteria/Grading Excellent Average Needs Improvement
Communication Communicates efficiently with their teammates with accurate calls during the game. Is able to absorb information and react appropriately and remains focused during game. Does not clutter communication during the game with off topic information. Periodically communicates with their teammates with accurate calls during the game. Reacts to information in game at a decent pace and sometimes clutters communication during games. Rarely communicates information during the game. Does not absorb information from teammates well and sometimes communicates misleading information.
Attitude Is proactive and takes a leadership role for their peers and teammates. Always looks for ways to improve themselves and teammates in and out of game. Remains focused in stressful conditions and always works to correct their own mistakes. Sometimes points out mistakes in a negative tone, even if negativity is not intended. Rarely lets emotions take control of how they play the game and is a consistently team focused player. Often has a hard time coming back from mistakes and lets their emotions take over, thus affecting their gameplay. Takes advice and criticism personally and tends to blame others for their own mistakes.
Teamplay Is able to fulfill their role in a team environment and never abandons their duty to make a reckless play. Always supports their teammates and lifts them up to their potential as well as remains focused on their own responsibilities. Often relies on solo play decision making that may cost leads or create a larger deficit. Sometimes is out of position but is able to recover from mistakes and attempts to remain focused on the overall team play. Often uses their over version of how the game should be played and overpowers their teammates. Relies on ‘hero plays’ that frequently creates deficits and often abandons their role and responsibility. 


Criteria/Grading Excellent (3) Average (3) Needs Improvement (3)