Kau‘iokahaloa Nui Apartments

3029 Lowrey Avenue

The Kauʻiokahaloa Nui Apartments are located in the beautiful Mānoa Valley, within walking distance of Mānoa Marketplace shopping center.

Construction of the Kauʻiokahaloa Nui Apartments was completed in January 1995. The units are partly furnished with appliances, flooring, and drapery. Accessible units for persons with disabilities are available. On-site laundry facilities and an on-site resident manager are provided. Parking stalls are available for an additional cost.

The primary purpose of these units is to provide suitable interim housing for recently appointed UH faculty. Priority of these units is given to tenured and tenure-track faculty. Units may be rented for up to one (1) year, with possible extensions with written approval. Maximum stay in the complex shall be no more than three (3) years. For 3-bedroom units, preference may be given to families of three or more.




Kau‘iokahaloha Iki Condominiums

Unit Types

2-bedroom units

3-bedroom units

uncovered parking stalls


  • Full-time Board Appointees
  • Appointed to an Oʻahu campus
  • Workplace is on Oʻahu
  • May not own an interest in residential real estate on the island of Oʻahu
Kau‘iokahaloha Iki Condominiums

Kau‘iokahaloha Iki Condominiums


  • Newly recruited
  • Families of 3 or more for 3-bedroom units
  • Priority schedule as established in BOR Policy


  • Partly furnished
  • Water/sewer
  • Separate laundry room
  • Handicapped accessible units available
Kau‘iokahaloha Iki Condominiums

Kau‘iokahaloha Iki Condominiums


  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Cable
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Parking

Rental Term

Priority 1, 2, & 3:
1 year, may be renewed annually for up to a maximum of 3 years

Priority 4 & 5:
1 year, not renewable

Kau‘iokahaloha Iki Condominiums

Kau‘iokahaloha Iki Condominiums