Accept or decline your Financial Aid Offer

Steps to accepting your Financial Aid Offer:

Your Financial Aid Offer

Your Financial Aid Offer is valid for 30 days. Anything not accepted or declined within 30 days of the initial Offer is subject to cancellation. Loans, even if Accepted, will not disburse until loan requirements are complete. You may accept the loans now but request in writing to cancel the loan before disbursement each semester.

  1. Login to external-link icon
    If this is your first time using MyUH Services, click on
  2. Click on the "View My Financial Aid" link.
    (Please note, the location of the Financial Aid link may not be the same on your page)
    Screenshot of MyUH Services showing "View My Financial Aid Information" link
  3. Click on "My Overall Financial Aid Status".
  4. Select your aid year. Click "Submit".
  5. Click on "Awarded" in the "My Overall Financial Aid Status" screen.MyUH Financial Status screenshot with "awarded" link circled
  6. Click on "Terms and Conditions".
  7. Review the Terms and Conditions. Once you review and understand the Terms and Conditions, click on the "Accept" box.MyUH Terms and Conditions screenshot with "Terms and Conditions" tab and "Accept" button circled
  8. Click on "Accept Award Offer":
    MyUH Award Offer screenshot with "Accept Award Offer" tab circled
    down arrow
    MyUH Award Offer screenshot with Award Accept options and "Submit Decision" button circled

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Viewing Active Messages

  1. If you have active messages from Financial Aid Services, you will see the link in your "My Overall Financial Aid Status" Screen:
    MyUH Messages screenshot with "messages" link circled

    Reminder: It is your responsibility to periodically check student requirements and active messages for any updates to your financial aid status. All correspondence will be done via your email account.

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