Current Graduate Students


Tanner Choudhry (MS) 



I will be studying the foraging behavior of parrotfishes on coral reefs of Hawai'i.


Current Undergraduate Students


Andie Riley


Zoe Eckardt

I am exploring the behavioral patterns and home range of parrotfish species within Hawaii. The study will provide valuable insight into fish ecology, habitat use, and sexual interactions. By analyzing the movement patterns and behaviors of fish, I aim to investigate how parrotfish activity influences their spatial distribution and use. The research project will use non-disruptive data collection methods to effectively map out the home ranges of excavator and scraper parrotfish. The findings of this research will contribute to the scientific understanding of fish ecology and provide valuable information to fisheries management and marine conservation efforts. By identifying key behavioral and spatial patterns, this study will assist in the development of sustainable management strategies for marine ecosystems and the preservation of parrotfish populations. 


Ryan Dearborn


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