FMO Newsletters for 2024

MonthNewsletter Topics
July 2024Disbursing Department Assignments for FY2025
Facts may look similar, but tax determination for each is different
June 2024Quarterly Interest Rate for Late Vendor Payments
KFS Fiscal Year End Reminders
Treasury Operations: Fiscal Year-End Reminders and Due Dates
May 2024Fiscal Year-End Update and Right to Use Accounting Data Collection
Recording and Reconciling Bank Deposits
Proposed Updates to AP 8.710, Credit Card Administration
Proposed Updates to AP 8.740, Dishonored Checks
Proposed Updates to AP 8.651, Non-Student Accounts Receivable and Delinquent Financial Obligations
Proposed Updates to AP 8.635, Accounting for Leases
LLCP Request Template
April 2024Pre-Encumbrance (PE) Reminders
Preparation for Upcoming FY 2024 Annual Inventory Verification
OPEB Retro Adjustments
Quarterly Interest Rate for Late Vendor Payments
NEW!  eTravel State and Country Dropdown Feature
Disbursing Tip:  How do I Cancel an Approved PREQ or DV Awaiting Payment?
March 2024ISAT Check at UH Login
Accounts Receivable Processing Organization Zip Codes
Capital Asset – Equipment Object Codes
UH WH-1 Form for Individuals Under COFA
February 2024ISAT Check at UH Login
Clarification on the OVPIT Approval for IT Procurement process in EP 8.200, section III.B.f(1)(b)
Adding Missing Asset Serial Numbers in KFS
Salary Overpayment Reminders
eTravel Tip – How to Add Someone as a Preparer
Determining Postdoctoral Fellow, Postdoctoral Scholar or Postdoctoral Associate in AP 8.565
January 2024Kuali Financial System Cloud Conversion
Administrative Procedure Feedback on Proposed Updates
2024 Payroll Deadlines
2023 W2 Distribution
2024 Federal Allowable Mileage Rates
New Administrative Procedure (AP 8.565) in effect on January 1, 2024

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