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Fall 2017 Faculty Committees

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Contact the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Service.

General Education Committee

The General Education Committee (GEC), an official UHM Faculty Senate committee, administers the General Education Program. The committee develops policies and procedures for implementing and monitoring General Education at UHM, and it undertakes regular assessment of the program's educational effectiveness.

Concerns regarding Diversification courses or the Focus Exemption should be sent to the GEC Chair.

Committee member Role Term ends
Aurelio Agcaoili (Indo-Pacific Languages) Chair June 2018
Garrett Clanin (Student-Athlete Academic Services)   June 2020
Michael Cooney (Hawaii Natural Energy Institute)   June 2020
Jennifer Griswold (Atmospheric Sciences) Secretary June 2020
Shannon Johnson (Outreach) Vice-Chair June 2019
Nori Tarui (Economics)  

June 2018

Halina Zaleski (Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences)   June 2020
TBD ASUH representative June 2018
Non-voting members
Ronald Cambra (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education)
Debora Halbert (General Education Office Acting Director)
Stacey Roberts (Senate Executive Committee Liaison)
Ryan Yamaguchi (Associate Director of Admissions)


Foundations Board

Board member Role Term ends
Sarah Allen (English)   June 2020
Thomas Apple (Chemistry)   June 2018
David Brier (Library Services)   June 2020
Siobhan Ni Dhonacha (Honors) Co-Vice Chair June 2019
Michael Guidry (Oceanography)   June 2019
Daniel Harris-McCoy (Languages & Literatures of Europe & Americas) Co-Vice Chair June 2019
Rufus Willett (Mathematics) Chair June 2018


Contemporary Ethical Issues Focus Board

Board member Role Term ends
Christine Beaule (Languages & Literatures of Europe & Americas)   June 2018
Melissa Jones (Manoa Transfer Coordination Center) June 2020
Kirsten Mawyer (Institute for Teacher Education)   June 2020
Amy Schiffner (Theatre and Dance) Chair June 2018
Myra Waddell (Library Services) Vice-Chair June 2019


Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues Focus Board

Board member Role Term ends
Joyce Mariano (American Studies)   June 2019
Craig Perez (English)   June 2020
Marie Kainoa Revilla Fialkowski (Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences) Chair June 2018
Maya Saffery (Kawaihuelani)   June 2020
Kapena Shim (Library Services) Vice-Chair June 2019


Oral Communication Focus Board

Board member Role Term ends
Rachael Bussert (Library Services) Chair June 2018
Jessica Gasiorek (Communicology)   June 2019
Andre Haag (East Asian Languages & Literature)   June 2018
Eve Millett (Manoa Advising Center)   June 2020
Andrew Reilly (Family and Consumer Sciences)   June 2020


Writing Focus Board

Board member Role Term ends
Dapne Desser (English)   ex officio
Anna Feuerstein (English)   June 2018
Debora Halbert (General Education Office) Chair ex officio
Kenton Harsch (English Language Institute Director)    ex officio
Michelle Manes (Mathematics)   June 2019
Jacqueline Ng-Osorio (Nursing) June 2019
James Potemra (Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics & Planetology)   June 2019
Saundra Schwartz (History) June 2020
Winnie Tang (Manoa Advising Center) June 2020
Wei Zhang (Sociology) June 2018


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