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The following is an OPIHI program snapshot and covers many of the most frequently asked questions.

The Basics:
  • OPIHI is a rocky intertidal monitoring project.
  • The program is geared towards middle and high school students due to the scientific rigor of the methods.
  • The OPIHI project and lessons are inquiry-based.
  • You do not need any prior knowledge about the intertidal to take part in OPIHI. The program is setup so teachers and students learn together.
  • OPIHI is a program that encourages students to study Hawaii’s marine environment while staying relatively dry. Students do not swim, in accordance with DOE regulations, and do not get wet above the knees.
  • OPIHI is aligned with many of the elements of the NSCS in Life Science, corresponding HCPS III content standards, and the Ocean Literacy principles. Click here for more information. (link to standards)

Time, Money, and Materials:
  • OPIHI is extremely flexible. We encourage you to tailor the program to meet the needs of your curriculum.
  • The amount of time needed for OPIHI is dependent on each teacher’s wants and needs. The core lessons of OPIHI take approximately 4-5 hours in class in addition to a field trip. Some teachers involved in the project use OPIHI as the basis for a semester-long ecological unit with multiple field trips. Click here for more information. (link to scope and sequence)
  • The project is easily incorporated into many disciplines including science, language arts, math, art and culture classes. Click here for some examples. (link to extending the learning)
  • All materials for the project including transects, quadrats, books, are relatively inexpensive. Quadrats are made from PVC pipe and string. Quality transects, while initially expensive, last a long time. Alternatively, you can buy one transect and contruct more from string with cable ties denoting set distances. Good reference books are essential to the project, but at minimum you only need one set.

OPIHI: Our Project in Hawaii's Interdental - Contact: philippo@hawaii.edu