Objective Outline

To provide thorough training on the undergraduate and graduate levels in the development of the students’ technical skills for the manipulation of glass in both the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ states:

Hot Processes

  • Off-hand, free-form, and mold-blowing
  • Wet sand, bonded sand, and table casting
  • Lost-wax fuse casting and hot casting (investment molds)
  • Sheet glass slumping and fusing
  • Enameling on 2-D and 3-D forms
  • Mixed media/process and performance

Cold Processes

  • Sheet glass fabrication and joinery
  • Sheet glass lamination
  • Sandblasting and diamond saw carving
  • 2-D intaglio cutting
  • 2-D engraving
  • lapidary faceting
  • mixed media

To provide a thorough understanding of the physical properties of glass formulation, coloration and annealing.

To instruct and train the student in the efficient operation of a complex glass studio. This includes glass furnace and annealing oven theory, design, and construction, as well as the development of melting and annealing schedules.

To support a cooperative environment for learning, where students learn to work together in the operation of a glass studio.

To instruct students in the safe operation of tools, equipment and in the use of materials.

To provide the historical background of glass working, its traditions, techniques, and its significance.

To provide the contemporary context for the use of glass as and expressive medium.

To challenge and encourage the students to use the unique properties of glass with the intent of individual expression. To direct and assist the student in this understanding.

To help build and train the perceptual and verbal skills of the artist in the critical observation, interpretation and evaluation of art work which uses glass as a major component.

To encourage the speculative mind, and to inspire imagination in an environment which is supportive and challenging.

To recognize the value of hard work and fortitude in the learning process beyond the finished product. To allow the student the freedom to experiment, explore and to make mistakes in lieu of discovery.

To provide a logical sequence of courses, augmented with workshops and visiting artists, which would transfer in scope and quality to other similar institutions.

To encourage each student as an individual with unique goals, aspirations and ideas. To help the students articulate his or her visual ideas and realize his and her full potential.

To prepare the students to leave the glass program with the drive, determination and professionalism necessary for further involvement in the art world.