Hot Shop Floor Plans

Glass Studio Equipment 2015


The Glass Program was completely renovated in the Fall of 2005 and reopened with full operational capacity in the Fall of 2006 featuring truly state of the art equipment for melting and manipulating glass. The hotshop includes 3 glass blowing benches, each equipped with oxypropane hot torches. It also has 10 GB-5 computer controlled annealing, slumping and fusing ovens internet interfaced through a Dell Desktop computer with Virtual Network capability for remote monitoring, digitally controlled NFP 86  recuperative fired glass melting furnaces a 500 #  and 1000# capacity, Ohm Equipment ovens and furnaces. Oven dimensions: HxWxD

2  front loading day ovens for regular annealing – 40” x 48” x 30”

2 top loading pick up ovens, max. temp 1650F – 18” x 18” x 24”

2 top loading fusing ovens, max. temp 1650F – 30” x 30” x 48”

1 top loading fusing oven, 3 doors, max. temp 1650F – 30” x 34” x 62”

1 top loading fusing oven, 1 door, elements in lid in quartz tubing, max. temp 1650F – 30” x 30” x 86”

1 front loading casting oven, 4 doors, adjustable metal racks – 54” x 30” x 48”

Max. temp: 1250F

1 top loading skutt kiln with digital controller, 12” x 18”, max. temp. 2250F

1 large scale flat fusing oven for architectural scale work, Omega Digital controller, 18” x 66” x  144”, rolling bed and electric bell housing.  Maximum casting or fusing size is 18” x 72” x 144”

One 100# capacity recuperatively fired color pot furnace,  3- new 16” diameter and a 20.5 “ diameter ribbon burner fired glory holes with traveling yokes, 2 downdraft dust booths.  The hot shop has 3 benches, each bench is supplied with Oxy/Pro hot torch station.  The studio is fully stocked with a wide variety of handtools, molds, optic molds, ladles, and 2 large stainless steel marvers, 38” x 62”.

The cold shop features two 24” rotary lap wheels for coarse and fine grinding, 2 NEW CR Laurence belt sanders, 1 – 10” diamond saw manual feed, 1 diamond drill press, 1 Steinert glass polisher with cork and felt wheels, 1 Denver Engraver with diamond and stone wheels, 2 flexible shafts, and a shared sandblaster, and a 30” diameter Rociprolap for flat grinding and polishing. 4 Portable Flame working stations, bench major and minors.

Graduate students in Glass have 24 hour access to glass studio cold shop equipment and facilities 7 days per week. The hot shop is open 5 am to 11pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 5 to 11:45am is reserved for hot casting with ladles.  Studio clean up is at noon on Saturdays where the studio is completely hosed down and minor maintenance is done on equipment.  Saturday afternoon studio access is limited to those students who attended clean up.  Sunday hot shop access is reserved for faculty, staff and graduate students. Graduate students who wish to use the studio on the weekends must attend clean up.


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