n When filling out the schedule form you need to know:

When filling out the schedule form you need to know:


What is a "Requester"? - the one who submits the "Schedule a Meeting" form


What is a "Facilitator"? - could be the one who submitted the form (this is done as a default), but can also be assigned to anyone who is to be the "Leader" of the meeting


What is a "Presenter"? - basically additional facilitators who will also present during the meeting


What is a "Participant"? - any individual you want to have attend the meeting, by default a "Participant" would be one who has a UH username


What is a "Guest"? - a "Participant" who does not have a UH Username


In the form……….


If the Facilitator is different than the person submitting the meeting request, click and type in the first/last name of that person in the "Facilitator Name:" text block as well as their UH username in the "Facilitator UH Username:" text block.


If you had "additional" presenters, those who will present during the meeting, enter their UH username in the "Presenters:" text block.


Enter a Meeting Title and a short Description in the designated areas.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


Enter a Start Date and Time, plus End Time by typing in MM-DD-YYYY and use the pull down menus to select Hour, Minute and AM/PM. **Click on the Calendar icon to view what meeting openings are available - remember to consider the number of participants in your meeting as well as other meetings that are occurring at the same time so as not to exceed the 40 user limit.


IF you would like to use add a Phone Bridge for your meeting, select the checkbox for "Request Audio Phone Bridge". This will allow a phone connection to be created which will enable non-audio participants to call in and listen to the meeting. **You can only request a Phone Bridge if you have a participant list of 4-15 users.


Use the pull down menu for "Total number of participants" to indicate how many TOTAL users will be attending the meeting. By default, this already includes the Facilitator. So, if you are the requester and as well as the facilitator, plus have 2 additional presenters and want to have 4 participants attend the meeting the total number you would select in the pull down menu would be 6. **GUESTS would also be included in this TOTAL number of participants.


IF you are teaching a course and would like to have all your officially registered students attend the meeting (as long as that number does not exceed the 40 user limit), use the pull down menus for Campus?, CRN? And Term? This will auto populate your meeting with the correct UH Usernames of your students.


On the other hand, if you would like participants, not associated with any course, who have UH usernames attend to your meeting, enter each UH username in the "List UH Usernames" text block.


**GUESTS are participants without UH usernames, so no information would go in this area for them, just confirm that ALL "Guests" are included in the "TOTAL number of participants" pull down menu.


Click "Submit" when done.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


Most common errors when inputting information in the Form:

Upon submission, errors will be indicated in RED text, you will need to make appropriate changes and then re-submit.

1. Start Date and Time conflicts with your End Time

2. Requesting a Phone Bridge when your participant list is less than 4 or greater than 15 users (there is no need for a Phone Bridge unless you want someone to dial into the meeting via a telephone)

3. Entering an incorrect UH username in the Participants text block

4. Not including "Guests" in the total number of participant pull down menu