Log into Hālāwai

*If you will be sharing your desktop, controlling other users’ screens, or uploading files to a meeting, you will need to download/install this specific Adobe Connect Add-In plugin:
http://www.hawaii.edu/halawai/addin_win_r97.zip (Win)
http://www.hawaii.edu/halawai/addin_mac_r97.z (Mac)

The (old) version of the Adobe Connect Add-In plugin that is provided on the Adobe Connect Downloads page and on the connection test page no longer works. NOTE: You can still attend a meeting without the Adobe Connect Add-In plugin. If your meeting doesn't start up or the newly opened Connect window seems to hang, try installing the new Adobe Connect Add-In plugin then entering the meeting again.

**Prior to your meeting it is advised to go through the Adobe Connection Check using the following link:

***Firefox ESR is recommended for use with our current version of Hālāwai (Adobe Connect):

Non-UH Users or Guests (those without UH usernames)

You will need to log in using the "Guest" log in link that should have been sent to you by your meeting host/presenter.

If you have yet to receive the email you will need to contact your meeting host/presenter for additional information.

UH Users (those with UH usernames)

Log in with your UH username and associated password

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