Hālāwai: New Features

Edit button
Public Meetings option


Edit button:

You can now make changes to your session from your meetings list. Click on the "Edit" button to change items like dates/times, to add/remove participants, or to add/remove presenters among other things.

You should receive an email notification of the changes you made.


Public Meetings Option:

You can now enable anyone in the UH community (those with UH usernames) to attend your meeting without having to specify them when scheduling a session.


Meetings that are public are displayed in the "Public Meetings" listing.

This might be useful for those who wish to use Hālāwai for open presentations or forums.  Non-UH users will still need to login via the URL that is sent in confirmation messages.  Those who enter via the Public Meetings list will need to be confirmed upon entry to the meeting.  This does not need to be done for those who are specified as participants when
a meeting is scheduled.


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