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At this time, our UH license supports 160 concurrent participants. As a result we must ensure that one meeting does not exceed the number of licenses requested, which could prevent legitimate participants from accessing another scheduled meeting. Proper adherence to these self-scheduling procedures will prevent this from occurring.

For those inviting participants withOUT a UH username: A Guest is someone who does not have a UH username. To make sure you adhere to the license limit, each Guest MUST be accounted for in the "Total number of Participants" pull-down menu within the Submission form (Note: you do not add their names to the form).

Guests MUST log into their meeting via the "Participants without UH Usernames (guests)" link provided in the Confirmation email sent to the Host (the person who requested the meeting and who sends out the email to ALL meeting participants).

For those inviting participants with UH usernames: If participants have a UH username, they MUST also be counted in the "Total number of Participants" pull-down menu AND have their UH usernames entered into the "Participants" box in the Submission form.

A participants with a UH usernames CANNOT log in the same way as a "Guest." They can either log in directly via the "Log in" link on the Halawai site OR use the "Participants with UH Usernames" link provided in the Confirmation email.

Every meeting must have a submitted request: For example, if you plan on having a meeting every Monday and Friday for 2 weeks, you must submit a total of 4 requests: 2 for the two Monday sessions and 2 for the Friday meetings.

UH Administration/Faculty & Staff only
To schedule a meeting use the following request link : Schedule a Meeting

**Meetings needing an audio bridge (phone connection) must be scheduled no later than 24 hours prior to desired meeting time and is only available for meetings of up to 4-15 participants.

To help ensure a successful scheduling process download the scheduling manual OR view the on-line tutorial.

If you have any questions about scheduling, check out the Halawai based FAQs and Tutorials. If you are still unable to find an answer, please send an email to

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