Using Pods

By default a meeting room contains a number of display panels/windows, called pods, each with its own function. There are 3 default meeting room templates (Share, Discussion and Collaboration), each room has their own default set of Pods already enabled. A Host can add/delete pods as needed.

The following is an overview of a variety of pods which can be used to facilitate interaction with participants.

Chat Pod
Note Pod
Share Pod
Weblink Pod
Poll Pod
Whiteboard Pod

Chat Pod

The Chat Pod allows attendees to send chat messages to other participants in real time format.

It is a great way to ask the presenter questions or to converse amongst other participants.

To use the Chat, participants would type in the text block located under the chat window, click and click the return arrow to send.

Participants also have the option to choose to send a message to Everyone in the Attendees Pod or just the presenters.

Note Pod

The Note Pod (located in the lower left of the Share template) displays text messages from hosts or presenters to all attendees throughout each meeting room.

For example, when a presenter writes a Note in the Note pod while in the Share template, it is still viewable in either the Discussion or Collaboration meeting rooms.

It is a great way to post comments from the presenter as they show their PowerPoint.

To use Notes, click and type in the Note Pod. It is immediately viewable to all participants.

Share Pod

The Share Pod allows hosts and presenters to display shared content from the presenter’s computer (including windows, applications, or the entire desktop), documents, or whiteboards.

To use the Share Pod, choose either to share your Computer Screen, a Document (.doc, .ppt, etc.) or a Whiteboard.

If you choose to share your computer screen you are given the choice of sharing your whole desktop, just a particular open window or an open application (you MUST have the window or application already opened if you choose to share those sections).

Click Share when you choice is made.

If you choose to share an application the program will detect all currently opened applications on your desktop, click on the application you want to share, then click Share.

Only the application screen becomes viewable to participants. What ever you type in the screen immediately becomes viewable to participants. When you are done with sharing, use the "Stop Sharing" button on the lower right of the Share pod window.

Weblink Pod

The Weblink Pod lets host post a web link and force all attendees to browse to that link.

It is a great way to provide website addresses to participants that deal with content you are presenting.

To add the Weblink pod go to Pods in the main menu and click on Web Links.

Once added the Weblink pod window opens, type in a web address in the text block at the bottom of the pod window. To send to participants click "Browse To". A window that goes to the web site will open in all participants view. When you are done with the Weblink pod you can remove it by selecting the minimize link in the upper right corner of the pod window.

Poll Pod

The Poll Pod allows hosts and presenters to conduct polls or ask questions of attendees.

It is a great way to quickly survey participants attitudes about concepts presented and view results.

To add the Poll pod go to Pods in the main menu and click on Poll.

The Poll Pod window opens, choose the question type you want to use (MC or Multiple Answers).

Type in a question, provide the accepted responses and click Open Poll.

The participants then have access to the Poll Pod in their view, they make their choice, after which it automatically submits the response.

Once you have provided sufficient time to receive submissions, click "Close Poll". You then receive a stats view of responses at which time you can choose to show the poll results to participants by clicking on the checkbox for "Broadcast Results".

When done using the Poll Pod you can remove it by selecting the minimize link in the upper right corner of the pod window.

Whiteboard Pod

The Whiteboard Pod allows hosts and presenters to to create collaborative text, drawings, and other annotations during a meeting.

It is a great way focus attention to details of a presentation by using the "Overlay" feature.

To add the White pod go to Pods in the main menu and click on Whiteboard.

The Whiteboard pod opens. To use the drawing/writing tools, in the lower left corner of the pod window click on the paper/pencil icon .

To select a tool, click on a tool (pointer, Pencil, Highlight, Link, Box, Circle, Letter for Text or stamper), then click on the white pod screen to work with the selected object. Student immediately see what you are doing in their view.

If you have Shared a presentation you can use the Whiteboard overlay feature that allows you to write or draw directly on the presentation slide. To turn on the Whiteboard Overlay, in the lower left of the Share pod click on the paper/pencil icon.

Proceed to highlight or circle content within your presentation. Student will see what you are doing in their view as you are doing it (basically in real time).

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