Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting using Hālāwai's self scheduling process.

** At this time, our UH license only supports 160 concurrent users. As a result we must ensure that one meeting does not exceed the number of licenses requested, which could prevent legitimate participants from accessing another scheduled meeting. Proper adherence to the self-scheduling procedures will prevent this from occurring.

Go to the main Hālāwai page at and click on the "Schedule a Meeting" link on the menu.

schedule meeting page

Scroll down the page and click on the text link for "Schedule a Meeting."

schedule meeting text link

After you log in with your UH username and password, enter the following information:

Facilitator Name and UH username: This would be for the person who will host the meeting.
Meeting Title and a Description (the description only needs to be a sentence or two).

To confirm date/time availability for your meeting, click on the calendar icon next to "Start Date and Time."

schedule form part 1

A popup calendar window will list meetings already scheduled on each date. If a day is empty, availability is wide open, which means you can schedule a meeting at anytime. If there are meetings listed, either click on the text or hover your mouse over the text to verify any open meeting times.

Once you confirm an open date and time, return back to the scheduling page by closing the calendar popup window.

NOTE: as long as there are NOT 159 seats taken for a particular time slot you may proceed to schedule a meeting (example: Meeting 1 is scheduled on Wednesday at 9:00am to 10:00am with 2 seats taken, you can go ahead and schedule a meeting from 9:00am to 10:00am on that same day as long as your attendees + the other meeting participants do not = 159+)

calendar popup

Start Date and Time: enter the meeting's start date and time (the current date/time are automatically entered by default).

End Time: enter the time the meeting will end.

date and time portion of form

Audio Bridge: a host can integrate a meeting with an audio conference call. Select the checkbox if you would like an audio bridge set up for your meeting. Audio conference information will be sent to the Host via email. Meetings needing an audio bridge (phone connection) must be scheduled no later than 24 hours prior to desired meeting time and is only available for meetings of up to 4-15 participants.

Publlic Meeting: select this option if you would like to enable members of the UH community (with UH usernames) to access the meeting as guests by logging in to Halawai.

Total Number of Participants: select the number of total participants in the pull-down menu (don't forget to include yourself in the count).

Course Reference Number: if you want to auto-populate a meeting with registered students who belong to a course, use the pull-down menu to select the campus, CRN (course reference number) and Term.

List UH Usernames: if you are running a meeting that does not have a CRN associated with it, enter the participants' UH username(s). ONLY UH usernames will be accepted. Anyone else would be considered as a GUEST (example: or No additional information is required. Just make sure to include ALL guests in the Total Number of Participants pull-down menu.

**separate multiple usernames by a comma

When done, click on the "Submit" button.

particiapnts portion of the form

Upon submission, you will be presented with a RECEIPT confirmation for your scheduled meeting. A copy will be sent to your address.

A CONFIRMATION message will also be sent to your address which has participant login information. Use this email to formally invite participants to your meeting.

End of Schedule a Meeting tutorial, return to main Tutorial page.