Tips for completing a NAC - National Agency Check - SF 85P

To obtain an account on JAWS, the 11th fastest supercomputer in the world, you have to take a few extra steps. In addition to applying for an account, you must complete an SF 85P, National Agency Check and submit it to the proper authorities. Following these tips will help you sail through the process with as little hassle as possible!

Complete guidelines can be found at . Read and follow these instructions. They have been developed explicitly for UH faculty, staff and students, so will be very helpful in guiding you through the process.

Tip #1: Print out a copy of the form and gather all your information before you start filling it out on the computer. The form, available in fillable pdf format from , can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat, but cannot be saved unless you have the commercial version of Acrobat. So, if you have the free version of Adobe Acrobat that allows you to read pdfs only, you will not be able to save your complete or partially complete form to your computer. You will only be able to fill it out in one sitting and print it out on a printer. If you have the commercial version that allows you to create and edit pdfs as well, you may be able to save the completed form, and it will be easier, but check before you assume!

Tip #2: Save a copy of your form when you are done. If it gets lost, or if you need to update it in a few years, or if you want to apply for a security clearance for a job later, you will want to know what information you put on the form! You won't need to look it all up again if you keep a copy.

Tip #3: You need to account for every period of your life for the specified time period. Don't think, "Oh, that was only 2 months I was out of work; I will just hop over that time." You have to put it in as a time period, and signify that you were out of work. The same goes for where you lived. If you don't know the address of the dorm or apartment you lived in, you have to find it to complete the form. You cannot just leave it out, even if you only lived there one month.

Tip #4: Every blank must be completed. Including middle names. What if you don't have a middle name? Write in NMN (stands for "No Middle Name"). What if you don't know someone's middle name? Write in UNK (stands for UNKnown). What if your middle name is just an initial? Write I.O. in parentheses after the initial (for Initial Only). If there are questions that don't apply to you, write N/A for "not applicable."

Tip #5: Be sure to answer the question about dual citizenship. If you have one passport, and aren't a citizen of another country as well, the answer is no, but you must answer yes or no.

Tip #6: Do not use relatives, spouses or ex-spouses as verifiers. Verifiers are the people who can verify where you worked or lived.

Tip #7: Use people that have known you the longest for Question #13. Try to use the three people that know you the best and have known you over the entire 7 year period for this question.

Tip #8: More information is better than less. Don't leave them wondering.

Tip #9: Call Industrial Security Services at 808-956-3179 if you have any questions. Have fun with your new account!