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Instructions for Completing the Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions (SF 85P)

Please read through these instructions thoroughly before completing the Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions (SF 85P). Since it may take you a few days to compile the information required for the SF 85P, please begin working on the form as quickly as possible. No further security processing can be done until the SF 85P is completed. If you have any questions, please contact UH Industrial Security Services at 808-956-3179 or send email to

IMPORTANT!!! The SF 85P is a fillable PDF form and you CANNOT save the data typed on the SF 85P to your personal computer unless you have the commercial version of the Adobe Acrobat software. It is suggested that you print out a blank SF 85P to use as a worksheet to gather your information before filling out the PDF form. Typed or legibly hand written forms in BLACK INK are also acceptable. Be sure to keep a paper copy of your SF 85P in case you need to resubmit your data for any reason.

  1. Download and open the SF 85P (Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions) from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website:

  2. Leave "Agency Use Information" sections A-P blank. The sponsoring Security Department will complete this section.

  3. Complete Sections 1 - 22. Fill out the SF 85P completely - write "N/A" or "None" where applicable. Do not leave any blanks or gaps in dates. Other helpful hints to avoid delays in your SF 85P processing include:

    • Always enter your FULL names on application. If you only have initials in your name, use them and state (IO) for initials only. If you or any other name used in the SF 85P (like your verifier) have no middle name, enter "NMN" for no middle name. If you do not know someone's middle name, enter "UNK" (for "unknown").
    • Be sure to fill out question 8(d) regarding dual citizenship. Do not leave blank. Use N/A if not applicable.
    • Do not list your spouse, former spouses or other relatives as "verifying individuals".
    • Periods of unemployment also require a "verifying individual".
    • For "where you have lived" AND "employment activities", you must account for the entire 7-year period without any breaks.

  4. Make arrangements to transmit your competed SF 85P to UH Industrial Security Services for review.

  5. Contact UH Industrial Security Services to arrange for your fingerprints to be taken and provide verification of citizenship with an original birth certificate or US passport, etc. once you have completed the SF 85P.

  6. At the fingerprint session, you must sign and date the completed reviewed SF 85P certification and releases in all three (3) places in BLACK INK only. Sign the form exactly as you have listed your name.
         Example: Jane Ann Jones (name on application) = Jane Ann Jones (signature)

  7. You may need to also sign an OPM Agency Use Information cover sheet that will be prepared in advance for you if necessary.

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