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Security Tips

Protecting sensitive data is everyone's responsibility. To increase awareness of careless online habits and to assist in creating good practices, the InfoSec Team offers these security tips. Please contact the team at for more information or if you have any questions regarding the security of your personal information.

General Security Tips
Title Description
Secure Your Computer & Protecting Your Information Important information on how to keep your computer and sensitive information safe and secure.
Security (or lack of it) on the Internet Learn about spam and phishing on the internet and how you can secure your computer to minimize them.
If you suspect that your account has been compromised... Learn about what to do when your account has been compromised and how to prevent future compromises.
Password Guidelines Creating strong passwords for your accounts is just one step in securing your computer and information. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create strong and secure passwords.
Protecting Your Devices
Title Description
Securing Your Desktop Computer Take these precautions to secure your desktop computer and to protect it from viruses and other compromises.
Setting Up Encryption (Windows/Mac) Learn about how to encrypt sensitive data on your computer.
Best Practices for Laptop Users Important practices to keep in mind when using or traveling with a laptop.
Securing Your Smartphones Information on how to protect the information on your smartphone.
Securing your iPad or Tablet Device Information on how to protect the information on your tablet.
Protecting Sensitive Data
Title Description
Protect Against Phishing Protect yourself against phishing scams.
Securely Deleting Electronic Information Simply deleting is not enough - learn about how to permanently erase information on your devices and storage media.