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University Security Resources

Information security is a shared responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students. Learn how you can do your part to protect the University's information assets.

UH Security Compliance
Title Description
Personal Information Survey If you retain any personal information for official UH business, you must report any repositories or collections in this survey form.
Server Registration Register your server to be scanned for personal and sensitive information and security vulnerabilities.
ITS OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanning System This scanning system will test your computer or multiple networked computers for possible weaknesses that may make it susceptible to intrusion.
Identity Finder for Mac Learn how to use Identity Finder for Mac, a software product that searches a computer for sensitive information.
Identity Finder for Windows Learn how to use Identity Finder for Windows, a software product that searches a computer for sensitive information.
Python Script for Finding SSNs on Linux/Solaris Find_SSNs is a piece of software developed by Virginia Tech to search computer files for Social Security and Credit Card numbers.
UH Security Tools
Title Description
UH Software Download Site Active UH faculty, staff, and students may download a free version of McAfee Antivirus.
UH Secure File Drop Service Secure file sharing system for users affiliated with the UH system. (more info)
UH VPN Service Information on how to utilize the UH Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service.
UH Security Links
Title Description
UH ITS UH Information Technology & Services website for more information on computing in the UH system including scheduled/unscheduled outages and security alerts.
UH Account Compromise Help Learn about what to do when your account has been compromised and how to prevent future compromises.
Restoring Access to UH Network Information on how to unblock a virus-infected PC on the UH Network.