Aloha, New Students!

The International Student Services (ISS) Website provides important information for students who hold, or will hold, the F-1 or J-1 student visa. This step-by-step guide provides pre-arrival and arrival checklists, and explains mandatory visa, health insurance and other registration hold clearances. It provides information on housing, your visa documents and necessary immigration procedures, English Language Institute requirements, and enrichment/support programs available to you. Please review this information carefully so that you can plan your arrival and first days and weeks in Hawaii for an efficient and effective start to your study at UHM.

The Resources links provides additional information to help you learn about American and Hawaiian culture, and about the UHM campus and surrounding community. Please review this information and use it as a reference during your study in Hawaii.

Join us for Orientation. Remember that you are required to complete “Visa Clearance,” the mandatory part of Orientation. More information on the Orientation page.

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