Mentor-Mentee Program


Welcome Party: Jan 10 from 3:30-5:30pm at QLCSS 412.
Kapiolani Community College Farmer’s Market/Diamond Head Hike: Jan 13
Potluck at Magic Island: Jan 15 (Monday Martin Luther)
Waikiki Fireworks: Jan 19 (Fri.)



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For Mentees (New Students)

Congratulations on your decision to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa. We are pleased you have chosen to study here and we hope all of us at the International Student Services can help you get settled and adjusted to your life in Hawaii.

Your Mentoring Group

The Mentor-Mentee Program was established to provide a friend (mentor) to help you (mentee) embark on your new adventure in Hawaii. The person paired with you can help you develop a support network as you adjust, answer you questions or direct you to someone who can. Your mentor can become a vital link to your understanding of Hawaii's community life. Mentors are recruited by our Mentorship Program Coordinator. Each mentor fills out an application and goes through a screening process. The coordinator carefully goes through the applicants of both mentors and mentees to match up the participants, trying to honor any specific requests on behalf of the mentees. Mentoring gropus of 3-6 people are assigned by the Coordinator. The mentors receive a handbook and have some training to better understand how to help you.

The MM Program

The program includes a Welcome Party where you can meet other international students, and 2-3 other events in the first month of the semester. Your mentoring group is one resource for you to ask questions and make friends. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you have, including ones about your mentors.


Be open to the culture of the United States, in particular to that of Hawaii. Understanding and patience are essential in dealing with any issue that may arise between yourself and your mentor. If you have any questions or a problematic/uncomfortable situation arises, please contact us immediately.

For Mentors

Every year, more than 300 new international students will be arriving from all over the world to attend UH.We are looking for continuing students who are eager to help new students adjust to life in Hawaii and on the UH campus as a student mentor.

If you:

  • Want to meet new people and make new friends,
  • Like to have fun,
  • Want to know more about different cultures,
  • Want to help new students,
  • And feel you made a successful adjustment to Hawaii and can share your experiences,

You should join Mentor Mentee Program!

The program runs only for the first month of each semester. There will be a lot of activities planned for mentors and mentees, such as welcome party, hiking, and sports games.